LEGO® Super Mario™ Pre-Order Available Now

LEGO® Super Mario™ Pre-Order

Collecting coins, spinning through challenges and completing levels – it’s all part of the new LEGO® Super Mario™ play experience. Designers from Nintendo and the LEGO Group have worked together to bring LEGO Mario™ to life in a way that completely reimagines the world of physical LEGO building.

Pre-Order for the LEGO® Super Mario™ Starter Course is now available at the following retailers:

From now to 14 April 2020

  1. LEGO® Certified Stores Online: a) Brick Magic: b) Box of Bricks:
  2. Toys ‘R’ Us Online Store:
  3. LEGO® Store on Lazada:
  4. LEGO® Store on Shopee:

After 14 April 2020 (subject to prevailing local regulations):

  1. All LEGO® Certified Stores
  2. LEGO®Land Malaysia
  3. All Toys ‘R’ Us Stores
  4. LEGO® Store on Lazada
  5. LEGO® Store on Shopee
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