NEW coding activities and tips with LEGO® BOOST

Vernie, Frankie the Cat, and the other robots have really upped their game. Watch some of the new game ideas, features, functions, sounds, moves and codes in the LEGO® BOOST app update and get inspired to take your coding skills to a whole new level! - Vernie: How many objects can you balance on his tray? Build a new balancing game, and just program and play – from 1 to 6 players. - Frankie: Poor Frankie is sick. Help him blow his nose when he sniffles and sneezes, monitor his temperature, and find the right cure. - M.T.R.4: Play a fun arena game with two LEGO BOOST trucks. Set up your play mat with creative obstacles and targets, and invent and code your own rules for single or two-player challenges. - Guitar4000: Play a groovy new dueling guitars music game for two players. Play and record a tune, then challenge your friends to hit the right notes. - AutoBuilder: Program your mini robot to jump over obstacles in a real-life robot version of this classic arcade runner game. What will you build and BOOST?

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