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    Say hello to Jackson Jackson is a super creative problem solver and loves an engineering project. As a wheelchair user, he’s passionate about finding smart solutions for everyday challenges.

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        Hi! My name’s Liann. I want to be a famous comic book illustrator when I’m older. You’ll usually see me with my sketchbook tucked under my arm. I doodle anything and everything, and I like to use every crayon in the box! Under the other arm lives my skateboard – pulling tricks at the skate park is my happy place!

        Meet Liann
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          Hey, Zac here. You feeling sad? Come see me and I’ll turn that frown upside down. Whatever it takes – a joke, silly dance or a prank – I love goofing around! I just can’t see the point of sweating the small stuff. Life is for living, and I love taking it to the edge. Motocross, martial arts... Extreme sports are such a thrill!

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            Hey, I’m Nova. And this is my best dog friend Pickle. I taught him how to walk after he had an accident and now he’s my constant companion. I sometimes think animals understand me better than people! I’m a bit of a tech head. I love to game and spend my spare time tinkering with tech. When my friends have a broken device, they can rely on me to get it fixed.

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              Hey everyone, I’m Leo and I love to cook! I guess I get it from helping my grandma in the kitchen. I love nothing more than getting lots of people round the table and making something delicious for them. Away from the kitchen I love spending time at the beach — surfing and paddleboarding, or just picking up rocks and shells along the shore.

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                Hi all, I’m Paisley and music is my thing. It’s how I express myself. Off stage, I’m kinda shy, but put a guitar in my hands and there’s no stopping me! When I start to sing, I don’t care who’s watching!

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                  Hey, Aliya here. Nice to meet you. I’m always on the go, whether it’s homework, extra-curriculars, volunteering at the animal shelter... What can I say? I like to be busy! But I do know how to relax – honest! I love going horseback riding through the countryside with my girl Autumn. That’s where I really get to chill.

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                    My name’s Autumn. If you need me, you’ll find me outside! Buildings box me in, but outside I feel free! You might have noticed that I’m missing part of my arm, but that has never stopped me. I can still build a campfire, catch a fish, put up a makeshift shelter. I got all the important things down!

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                      Hey everyone, I’m Olly. You need a new outfit, come see me. My head is fizzing with ideas of outfits to create and styles to debut! It’s my mission to make the world take notice – why would you want to get lost in the background blah? My socials are where I post my creations. Make sure to hit the like and follow button to see all my cool creations.

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                        Meet the new Friends: Paisley

                        Hi, I’m Paisley. Whether it’s singing, playing the guitar or even writing my own songs, music is my happy place. My friends say I’m really good at it too. But the thought of performing on stage scares me silly. Olly is helping me with that, though.

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                          Meet the new Friends: Autumn

                          Hi! I’m Autumn. My friends say that I’m a rule-breaker, forest explorer, and friend to all (furry ones too). When my best friend Aliya sleeps over at my house, we go horseback-riding in the woods – sometimes I can even convince her to stay out past bedtime!

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                            Meet the new Friends: Leo

                            Hello, I’m Leo! Want to try a bite of this? I just cooked up something new in the kitchen because I need fuel for soccer practice! I was nervous when I moved to Heartlake City, but new friends like Zac from school make me feel excited to live here. Movie night anyone? I’ll bring snacks!

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                              Meet the new Friends: Zac

                              Hey! I’m Zac! Want an autograph? No? OK! I can show you some martial arts moves if you like, or we could watch anime, or play video games at the Diner – hey! Nova likes gaming too! It bums me out when she wins, but I like playing with her anyway.

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                                Meet the new Friends: Liann

                                Hi! I’m Liann. Want to go to do a prank? Come with me! I also like doodling, painting and comic books. When those get boring, I grab my board and meet Zac at the skatepark for some fun. Sometimes we have too much fun and that gets us into trouble...oops!

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                                  Meet the new Friends: OIly

                                  Hey, I’m Olly! Want help with the School News Channel? No problem. Need me to design costumes for the school play? On it. Curious about what to wear and what not to? Watch my show. Ask Aliya or anyone else in Heartlake City, if you want something done, I can do it!

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                                    Meet the new Friends: Aliya

                                    Hello, I’m Aliya! If you need them, you can borrow my class notes! Autumn and Leo use them when we do homework together. When I’m not studying, I love going horseback-riding and swimming. If you can keep a secret, I’ll show you my favorite spot to read at the beach.

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                                      Meet the new Friends: Nova

                                      Hi, I’m Nova. Gamer, coder and drone-builder – that’s me! Online, I’m a streamer, but offline I’m playing with the best dog ever, Pickle! He’s no ordinary dog... you should see him! Come meet us at the Dog Rescue Center, where my friend Autumn also volunteers.