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Do you Think Like a Minecrafter?

Take our un-bee-lievably fun quiz to find out!

Panda Power!

Haven’t we all wanted to live inside a 3-story panda house at some point in our lives? Did you know, in the game, a baby panda has a 1/700 chance of dropping a slimeball when it sneezes!

Bee Kind

Celebrate nature’s little helpers by adding some buzz to your adventures! And did you know that you can attach bees to leads? Only in the game, mind you, definitely NOT in real life...

And in The End…

Epic battles just got epic…er. (Is that a word?) Can you remember your first time meeting an Ender Dragon?

Put Creepers™ to the sword

If you need 8 diamond blocks to make a regular diamond sword, how many do you think you would you need to make one this big?!

The Blocky Fun Isn’t Over…

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