Someone forgets the password

Jay is the first ninja to get sucked into Prime Empire, and the game inhabitants take to him like fans to a rock star! Of course, every fan club needs a place to meet and hang out, and the League of Jays have their very own hidden chamber in Terra Technica, where they hold their secret meetings and keep their collection of awesome Jay memorabilia. To get there, they need to go through a tunnel that leads from Scott’s garage to the chamber gate. And to get in, they need to know the secret password – “Mister Cuddlywomp” (Jay’s teddy bear). The problem begins when ‘Dee-jay 81’, a member of the League of Jays, tries to get back to the chamber after a very long day of fighting Red Visors. And because he’s so tired, he accidentally says the password as “Mister Wompycuddle”. THREE TIMES! And you know what happens when you enter the wrong password three times, right? Exactly – account locked. How will anyone get into the chamber now? We’ll let your imagination decide. How would you break into the secret chamber?

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