Want to become a Sea Life Friend?

I think the world’s oceans are amazing, don’t you? There’s so much cool stuff to explore in the sea. Colorful reefs, waves to surf, and millions of magical-looking marine life creatures. This summer, we have a new mission: Together, we humans on land want to help our underwater animal friends in the oceans! And we need YOUR help. You can learn more about some of the oldest animal species on Earth, and what we can do in our everyday lives to reduce ocean pollution. We will even talk to a real-life ocean explorer who has built her own submarine, too! You can find articles, interviews, lots of animal fun facts, and helpful tips and tricks to help sea life. Are you ready to become a Sea Life Friend? Want to become a Sea Life Friend? Here’s how: 1. Push the purple pledge button 2. Download, print, and sign the pledge to do your best to take care of the sea and all life inside it! Thank you for being an amazing Sea Life Friend!

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