Arctic Animals: Saber-toothed tiger

Animal: Saber-toothed tiger Found in: North and South America Status: Extinct Class: Prehistoric Weight: Same as between 22,000-160,000 2x4 LEGO® bricks Height: 20-30 minifigures Fun Facts * They mostly hunted and ate plant-eating animals like horses, bison – even mastodons. * The saber-toothed tiger is not related to the tigers we know today. It belonged to a species which is now extinct: Nimravidae. Here, kitty-kitty-kitty A saber-toothed tiger must have been an impressive sight. It is one of the largest animals in the cat family that has ever lived. Its canine teeth grew up to 20 cm (8 inches)! That’s enough to turn almost any prey into an all you can eat buffet… Don’t judge a cat by its canines Just because you have razor-sharp teeth, you can still be nice to others. Saber-toothed tigers lived and hunted in packs like many cat families do today. They would bring food to the young cubs, old, injured or sick in the pack.

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