Arctic Animals: Polar Bear

Animal: Polar Bear Found in: Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland, Norway Status: Vulnerable Class: Mammal Weight: same as 240,000 2x4 LEGO® bricks Height: 250-312 LEGO® bricks tall Fun Facts - Seals are a polar bear’s favorite meals. They are full of fat and calories that help polar bears keep a healthy layer of blubber. - A polar bear’s fur isn’t white – it’s transparent with a hollow core that reflects light. Cute and fluffy? Polar bears may look cute and fluffy, but they are some of the toughest mammals to walk the earth. It’s the biggest meat-eating animal on Earth. They can smell their prey from 16 km away. And they are born to survive in the harshest environments and coldest climate on our planet. Can polar bears survive climate change? The ice around the polar bears’ territories is melting fast. Over the next decades, polar bears will most likely have less time and space to hunt for food. But lots of people around the world are working to help polar bears. You can, too!

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