LEGO City Arctic Animals: Husky

Animal: Husky Found in: Siberia, Alaska, North America, Northern Europe Status: Man’s (and mushers’) best friend Class: Mammal Weight: Same as 6,400-9,200 2x4 LEGO® bricks Height: 250-312 LEGO® bricks tall Fun Facts - They love to hunt and eat salmon and other Arctic fish. - Huskies love to use their voice. Their howls can be heard from miles away! Cool canines Huskies’ toes are covered in fur, and their paws are built for Arctic travel. They can pull a sled for hours! They use a special digging technique to carve out shelters in the snow. Their claws are safer than any crampons or snowshoes for sprinting across the ice. Blue-eyed beauties Huskies have beautiful blue eyes and a big, wide smile. They are really happy dogs and they love the company of others, whether it’s a pack of other sled dogs and a musher, or a human family. As pets, they need LOTS of exercise and a cool place to rest.

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