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Rebuild your favorite vehicles

With the right material in their hands, kids can turbocharge their creativity, building anything and everything that comes into their head. From rebuilding the real-world vehicles they love to inventing the incredible vehicles of their dreams—LEGO® play puts your child's imagination in the driver's seat.
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Rebuilt by…

Rebuild worlds filled with infinite possibilities.

We know cars…

…Almost as well as kids do. Jump in and take a LEGO car for a spin you won’t forget!

Bon voyage, sailor!

Do you hear the water calling? Or was that a whale?

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All aboard!

Take the express train to anywhere.

Why was the wheel invented?

Wheels, and later the industrial revolution, changed forever how we move around in our world. Transportation has evolved quite a bit since horse carriages and penny-farthings. We don’t just want to get from A to B – we want to travel in style. There are millions of stories to tell with every single vehicle you can think of. Cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, planes and helicopters – each serves a purpose, fulfills a dream, or both!

Kids everywhere have loved playing with toy vehicles ever since those were invented, too. You can find all the latest members of our LEGO vehicle family right here or get ideas to create your own bespoke model vehicle.

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