LEGO® Hidden Side™

Do you dare enter?

Welcome to LEGO® Hidden Side™ and the quiet town of Newbury. Population: Humans, pets and – oh yeah, ghosts! Don’t let the sleepy scenery fool you. There’s a darker side to this town, and things are about to get… chilling. See your set, minifigures and ghosts come to life with our free AR app, and turn your phone into an instant ghost-hunting device. Just scan any of the eight haunting sets and join our heroes Jack and Parker on their supernatural missions!

  • Meet Jack Davids (13)

    It’s not easy being the new kid in town – AND the school headmaster’s son. But after Jack joins Parker and scientist J.B. in their local ghost hunter/paranormal investigator operation, the town of Newbury becomes a lot more exciting – and scary. Apart from his ghost dog Spencer, Jack’s biggest passion is his online video channel (BOO-Tube, anyone?) His live-streaming and excited commentary often distracts him from focusing on the job at hand. But when it counts, he’s brave and resourceful.

  • Meet Parker L. Jackson (13)

    Parker has lived in Newbury with her parents all her life. She is a bit of an outsider, hard to impress and likes to keep to herself. She’s focused, to the point and very smart. Parker has always suspected something was off about Newbury, and when she starts receiving messages from the mysterious J.B., her suspicions are confirmed. Why is Newbury being gloomed? And how? Parker is determined to find the answers.

  • Meet J.B. (scientist extraordinaire)

    J.B. has spent all of her life in libraries, labs and garages, and she has mad skills in all things scientific, technical and mechanical. J.B. enjoys being the brains behind the local ghost-hunting operation, app, and all the gang’s ghost-hunting gear, while leaving all the messy work to the kids (Hey, they don’t seem to mind.) She eats, works and sleeps in her messy lab, except when she’s driving ‘Sweet Sally’, her old decked-out school bus. Also, she drinks waaay too much coffee.

  • Meet Douglas, aka El Fuego

    Douglas once dreamed of becoming a stuntman, a race driver, a wrestler, a pilot and many other things. After many failed attempts (and broken limbs) he ended up as the groundskeeper of Newbury Middle and High School. Now his mechanical skills and fearless approach to danger make him a valuable asset to the team and their efforts to rid Newbury of its hauntings.

  • Say arf-arf to Spencer

    Oh, did you think ghosts could only be human? Not necessarily. Spencer was Jack’s best friend in the whole wide world. He still is, even though... look, it’s complicated. Shortly before his move to Newbury, Jack lost Spencer in a tragic traffic accident. But now, thanks to the haunting of Newbury, Spencer is back as a (mostly) invisible ghost dog. He’s still as lively as any puppy in ghost form can be, fiercely loyal to Jack, but also easily distracted. Especially by bacon.

Who are the boss ghosts?

If you want to do a little research before you fire up your ghost detector and find yourself in a boss ghost face-off, this is where all… well, some of their secrets are buried. Click or tap on the map points to find out all you can about these haunted henchmen. Happy hunting!

Wanted: Captain Archibald – Pirate of Neptune’s mercy

Captain Archibald was once the scourge of the Mexican Gulf and known as the ‘Menace with Mercy’. A plundering pirate with fire in his eyes, a hook on his arm and an octopus named Squiddy on his shoulder. And then he was recruited by Lady E. as her chief officer! He has now merged with Squiddy into an inseparable paranormal force to be reckoned with (or better yet, avoided completely).
Known hang-outs: Newbury Shallow Bay and Fatal Reef Lighthouse.
Soul Artefact: Cutlass

Wanted: Spewer – Pile of trash – ew…

This ghost is pure trash… literally. Anything worn, destroyed, ruined, smashed, smelly, rusty, moldy… this guy is it. Getting rid of him won’t be pretty. Spewer wants to haunt as many physical objects as possible and spread his bile around everywhere. Oh, and he only speaks in burps and belches… Yikes.
Known hang-outs: Newbury construction sites, sewage outlets, scrap yard swamp
Soul Artefact: Pickaxe

Wanted: The Bawa – Bat/zombie train conductor

This former employee of the South East Burymount Engine Railroads has returned to Newbury in a most bizarre form with his soul-sucking persona on full display. He has brought (or forced) his old colleague back with him from the Hidden Side, and their ghastly bat/zombie-conductor configuration helps confuse and paralyze their prey. He doesn’t speak, but his supersonic shriek will have your blood run cold.
Known hang-out: Newbury Railroads and Railroad Station
Soul Artefact: Lantern

Wanted: Anomalo – Shrimp Shack super chef

Anomalo is a bizarre mix of human and cockroaches (yes, plural). He has an insatiable appetite for bacon and has won plenty of eating contests in his life – and afterlife. Anomalo was a powerful tool in Lady E.’s soul essence-collecting plot back when his seafood restaurant was a popular high-class establishment. He’s nothing but a crude butcher with a sinister agenda.
Known hang-out: Shrimp Shack
Soul Artefact: Meat cleaver

Wanted: Mamali – The nanny of your worst nightmares

One of Lady E.’s most trusted and loyal allies/former fake nanny (to keep up appearances that Evelina was a sweet little girl, even though she was, in fact, at least a few centuries old). Mamali would lock up visitors to their mansion and drain their soul essence with her hypnotic lullabies. Dazed guests would have no memory of their stay, except in dreams, with Mamali’s shrill voice haunting them.
Known hang-outs: Near the Mausoleum in the Newbury Graveyard
Soul Artefact: Master Key

Wanted: Mr. Nibs – Teddy… bear? (Seriously?)

Nobody knows who this person was before his sudden demise, but now he seems to have chosen the form of Lady E.’s teddy bear after his crossing from the Hidden Side. But don’t let his fluffy exterior fool you. His other-worldly roar strikes fear into the heart of anyone. He will do anything to return Lady E. to her former gruesome glory.
Known hang-out: Newbury Middle and High School
Soul Artefact: Lady Evelina’s ancient teddy bear.

Wanted: Dr. Drewell – Scientist

A brilliant scientist in life, Dr. Drewell was manipulated by Lady E. into performing bizarre and unnatural experiments in her pursuit of eternal youth. Things didn’t always go according to plan, and even though he is still bound to Lady E. in the afterlife, he prefers to be left alone to care for his plant collection.
Known hang-out: J.B.’s Laboratory
Soul Artefact: Erlenmeyer Flask

Wanted: Mason – Haunting highwayman

No road is safe when outlaw Samuel Mason relives his glory days of preying on the hapless travelers going to and from Newbury. Upon his return from the Hidden Side, he merged with the lesser-known criminal John C. Newt, who is mute and now protrudes from Mason’s left hip.
Known hang-outs: Newbury roads and aqueducts
Soul Artefact: Six-shooter


It’s super easy to start your ghost-hunting career:
1. Build your set
2. Download the app to turn your phone into a ghost detector
3. Scan your model to reveal the Hidden Side of all things great and small in Newbury
... and then hunt those haunted hazards


It’s super easy to start your ghost-hunting career:
1. Build your set
2. Download the app to turn your phone into a ghost detector
3. Scan your model to reveal the Hidden Side of all things great and small in Newbury
... and then hunt those haunted hazards


Jack Davids (13) is trying to get used to life away from the big city where he was born and settle in his slightly boring new hometown of Newbury. But before long, Newbury’s Hidden Side – a bone-chilling, long-forgotten realm filled with ghosts – threatens to take over the town. Jack teams up with his new best friend Parker and the brilliant scientist J.B. – who has invented an app to reveal the Hidden Side ghosts that haunt anyone and anything in their path. Together, the three friends are about to embark on the ghost-catching ride of their lives...
Want to join? See how easy it is to download and play the AR game with the sets.