• Help Lloyd master wisdom

    Lloyd is such a good leader because he can think clearly, even in difficult situations.

    Learning how to think wisely under pressure in this next challenge will help you become as good a leader as Lloyd…

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Be wise

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Untie the knots

Untie the knots in Lloyd’s stomach to help him think straight in his mind.

Click on a tile, and then a second tile to swap them. Keep going until all the lines are connected!


Good job!

This next one’s a little harder... But if you get stuck, just keep calm and think clearly.


Nice work!

You’re really getting the hang of this. Keep going!  



You’re proving that you are great under pressure. Good job.

Just two more to go! 


Just one more... 

This is the most difficult, final test. Are you ready? 

Stay cool, calm and collected, and keep a clear head, just like Lloyd would.



You helped Lloyd untie the knots in his stomach to help him think straight!

Return to the Temple to continue your Journey to Ninja Mastery…

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