LEGO® Life launches quiz challenges to promote online safety for children

In an increasingly digital world, it is important to support fun, safe and educational online opportunities for children, while minimizing any potential risks. Building on years of experience in developing safe digital play experiences, the LEGO Group recently launched LEGO® Life, an app-centered social network for kids under the age of 13, which is designed to be a child’s first digital social experience. LEGO Life allows young LEGO builders of all levels and interests to safely connect with a community of like-minded peers to express their creativity, share their LEGO creations, interact with LEGO characters, and inspire one another.

In conjunction with Safer Internet Day on February 7, the LEGO Group will further its commitment to digital child safety by implementing a series of safety-themed challenges into LEGO Life. LEGO Life members will be able to participate in a couple of quizzes and a sticker challenge that promote best practices and encourage safe and positive online behavior.

“Children today are moving seamlessly between physical and digital play. LEGO Life is an innovative and safe social network for children under 13 designed to bridge this gap. We have applied decades of expertise in the development of safe and kid-friendly digital experiences with the very best features of social networks to create a fun and unique platform,” said Julia Goldin, Executive Vice President and CMO of the LEGO Group, adding: “To ensure all LEGO branded online activities live up to these same high standards, we have developed a Digital Child Safety Policy to provide global direction and opportunities for learning to ensure we are only delivering the most fun and safe experiences online.”

LEGO Life also provides parents with a specific Digital Safety section that conveys the LEGO Group’s approach to digital safety and illustrates the ways in which LEGO Life focuses on the safety of their children. Located online at, the LEGO safety pledge is a method for parents to talk to their children about digital safety while establishing a shared commitment to ground rules for online social behavior.

“LEGO Life testing identified that parents understand that social media is as much a part of their children’s lives as it is their own and there is overwhelming support in the LEGO Group being a trusted partner in engaging their children socially,” said Goldin.

LEGO Life printscreen
LEGO Life printscreen
LEGO Life printscreen

A Digital Child Safety Policy to provide global direction
During 2016, the LEGO Group introduced an industry leading Digital Child Safety Policy. The policy was developed with guidance from UNICEF and aims to provide children with safe and enjoyable digital experiences, and avoid being exposed to the risks that online interactions may pose to children. The policy ensures children can create, play and share online while learning good digital behavior; ensuring that all LEGO online experiences, no matter whether made by the Group or one of its partners, live up to the responsibility of the trusted LEGO Brand when engaging children socially.

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