July 25: Tune into the first ever LEGO Overwatch Twitch rivals tournament

LEGO Overwatch

In a first of its kind twist of the Twitch Rivals Tournament, selected teams will compete in an Overwatch tournament for LEGO boxes to be donated to children’s charities!

The LEGO Group, Blizzard and Twitch are teaming up to organize a unique Twitch Rivals tournament in which the winners compete for donations of LEGO boxes benefitting charities including Toys for Tots (US), Ronald McDonald House Charities (US), Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (US), Toy Bank(US), Giving People (SWE), Dein München (DE), Cèkedubonheur (FR) and Fairy Bricks (UK). The Twitch Rivals tournament is set to take place on July 25 in the US from 12.00-15.00 PDT and in the UK, France Germany and Sweden from 18.00-21.00 CEST/17.00-20.00 BST.

Sten Funder Lysdahl, senior marketing manager, at the LEGO Group said:

“We’re always exploring new ways to thrill and engage our fans and we’re delighted to be part of this first of its kind Twitch Rivals tournament. Together with Blizzard, Twitch and Initiative, who have played a key role in setting this up, we hope to explore a new approach to connecting with our amazing LEGO and Overwatch fans alike.”

How it works

Selected Overwatch streamers will be invited to captain a community team for a day long tournament taking place across the US, UK, France, Germany and Sweden. Each regional competition will feature 4 rounds of gameplay in round-robin fashion, earning points for each victory they secure. At the end of each regional competition, an ultimate regional Overwatch LEGO winner will be crowned. Each regional winner will then get a chance to choose a local charity where the LEGO Group will provide a donation of LEGO boxes.

“We wanted to add an extra LEGO touch to the tournament and give team captains the chance to share their victory with other children too. This is why we believe the donations are the best prizes for the winners,” said Sten.

The Twitch Rivals tournament will feature custom Workshop game modes created by the community offering viewers a fun and amusing competition to enjoy. Workshop game modes that will be featured in the competition include 10k Damage FFA, Steal the Crown, Freeze Tag and Play as 2 Heroes.

Competing Overwatch Streamers

HighScoresHeroes (DE)

Fran (US)

Valkia (UK)

AnnieFuchsia (Nordics)

AlphaCast (FR)

Fareeha (US)

Emongg (US)

Aspen (US)

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Today, the LEGO Group remains a family-owned company headquartered in Billund. Its products are now sold in more than 140 countries worldwide. For more information: www.LEGO.com

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