Reducing our CO2 impact

LEGO Creator wind turbine

We strive to reduce the CO2 emissions from making LEGO bricks. We do this by increasing carbon efficiency and investing in onsite and offsite renewables.

We are proud to be balanced with 100% renewable energy due to the investments in offshore wind in Germany and the UK by our parent company KIRKBI A/S. Energy output from investments in renewables currently exceeds the energy used at our factories, offices and stores.

So, what have we done recently?

Don’t let it go to waste

We strive to reduce the amount of waste generated from our operations, and by 2025, our ambition is to ensure no waste from any LEGO factory, office, or store will reach landfill. We aim to do this by both reducing waste and increasing how much we recycle.
LEGO cups
At our headquarters in Billund, Denmark, we eliminated single-use coffee cups by introducing a washable LEGO cup. This saves one million single-use cups a year, reducing waste by eight tons annually. In 2020, we plan to roll out re-usable single-use cups across all our facilities globally.