Diversity and inclusion

A diverse group of LEGO minifigures
We are committed to providing a diverse and inclusive workplace for all our employees by building inclusive behaviours while improving our processes and ways of working to ensure equal opportunities for all.
LEGO minifigures with different jobs

Engage our employees in diversity and inclusion

We want our employees to play an active part in shaping the diversity and inclusion agenda. Task forces, events and communication are essential to building awareness and ownership at all levels.
In 2019, we celebrated London Pride by building a wall in the family area and encouraging people to build themselves as Minifigures and adding them to the wall, helping to create a huge mini pride parade! At New York Pride, we recreated parts of New York City complete with floats on the “Pride” and “Love is Love” themes, an oversized “Stonewall 50” billboard and bedazzled Minifigures dancing in the LEGO version of Times Square!

Our commitments

“The children who will be the leaders and the problem solvers of tomorrow will be as diverse as the ideas, thoughts and the skills they possess. We will do all we can to empower every child to reach their potential and create experiences that allow diverse people to thrive and impact our culture positively." Chief Marketing Officer Julia Goldin