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Marvel Avengers save the day!

It has never been easier to recreate movie scenes and embark on endless imaginative adventures with LEGO® Marvel Avengers.

Superhero gift ideas for kids ages 6-14+

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Iron Man Hall of Armor

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Iconic characters to inspire all kinds of heroes

Play out exciting, action-packed missions with the iconic heroes from Marvel Avengers.

5-floor Avengers H.Q. with 7 feature-packed rooms

There’s battle action inside and outside the Marvel Avengers Tower. Avengers Tower Battle inspires non-stop imaginative adventures.

Iron Man action with the Hulkbuster!

Place Iron Man into his mega Hulkbuster armor and prepare for battle when 2 enemy A.I.M. Agents launch an attack on New York. There’s sure to be battle action on an epic scale.

Hop aboard the Avengers helicarrier!

Team up with the Avengers in a battle against the evil super villain M.O.D.O.K. and his A.I.M. Agents. Marvel Avengers fans’ imaginations will soar aboard the awesome helicarrier.

Enter a universe of role-play fun

The LEGO® Marvel Avengers range of creative construction toys provide unlimited imaginative play possibilities for Marvel fans to explore. Where will your young hero’s imagination take them?