We believe every child should have an opportunity to achieve their potential. Play nurtures and develops the breadth of skills children need to solve problems creatively while boosting confidence and resilience. The LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation and LEGO® Education work together to be a force for Learning through Play bringing play to children in need in communities around the world.
LEGO critters running playfully down hill

Inspiring children to learn through play

As COVID-19 continued to affect communities around the world with lockdowns and remote or limited schooling, the need to bring Learning through Play to children and parents has perhaps been greater than ever. In the first half of 2021, we worked closely with existing and new local community partners, to reach more children and support their wellbeing and development through play. Among some of our new partnerships are First Book in the US, UNICEF China and Fundo Unido in Mexico.
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In the first half of 2021, we reached over 1.1 million children with Learning through Play programmes and activities, putting us on track to meet our target of reaching at least 3.5 million children this year. This target is 300,000 above our total for 2020.
Children playing in the kindergarten in Yunnan Province, China

Partnering with Save the Children in China

We made progress bringing Learning through Play to children in Yunnan Province in China as part of a three-year, US$2.3 million partnership with Save the Children.

Through this partnership, we aim to reach 50,000 children and are making good progress.

Play the video to explore the story of the Dayao kindergarten where the inspirational headmaster Li Ming and his staff refurbished the site and brought the fun of Learning through Play to the children.

UNICEF China and LEGO partnership

Playful parenting for Chinese families in need

The LEGO Group, LEGO Foundation and UNICEF launched a partnership in May 2021 to bring Learning through Play to families in 200 disadvantaged rural Chinese communities. The three-year partnership will see US$2.5 million invested in resources to support early childhood development.

We expect this partnership to directly benefit 20,000 children aged 0 to 6 years and around 40,000 caregivers through access to quality family support services and use of age-appropriate play materials.

Kids playing with a LEGO set

Learning about sustainability through play

Children are the builders of tomorrow, and we want to give them the opportunity to learn about sustainability through play.

We celebrated Earth Day in April by taking our Build the Change series online. We asked children to share their ideas for building a sustainable future using LEGO® bricks and other creative materials. More than 14,000 children globally participated in the challenge, showing amazing creativity and inspiration.

We also launched LEGO sets designed to educate children about sustainable living, including LEGO Friends Olivia’s Electric Car and LEGO City My Family House.

Respecting and supporting children’s rights

In 2013, we signed the 10 Children’s Rights and Business Principles developed by UNICEF, Save the Children and UN Global Compact. With the Principles we commit to protecting children’s rights and fostering their wellbeing across everything we do in the workplace, marketplace and our communities. Through our partnership with UNICEF we work to implement and advocate for the Principles, which continue to inform our work on areas such as digital and physical child safeguarding, responsible marketing and advertisement practices.

We’re serious about safe play

We are committed to world-class safety-by-design digital experiences that enable children to play and learn online in a fun and safe environment.

Promoting inclusive play

Play Day in a Box

Around the world, LEGO colleagues play an important role in bringing more Learning through Play to their communities, workplace and homes. In turn, this delivers on our vision to become a global force for Learning through Play. Each year, we celebrate the power of play by inviting all employees to play for a day.

After a successful Virtual Play Week in 2020, we launched ‘Play Day in a Box’ in 2021. This format supports both in-person and online events to respect local COVID-19 conditions. Employees received a box containing a variety of LEGO elements as well as activity cards to inspire fun and playful experiences with colleagues, family and friends.

More than 10,000 colleagues at our manufacturing sites took time away from work in June to play. All other LEGO colleagues will participate in ‘Play Day in a Box’ events during the second half of 2021.

Throughout the year we also support our employees to volunteer in Learning through Play-inspired programmes and help them reach more children in their communities. While COVID-19 has impacted the level of volunteering in the first half of 2021, we plan to ramp up activities as restrictions begin to lift in communities around the world.