LEGO® Brick Erasers

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Errors can be quickly corrected with LEGO® Iconic Brick Erasers. Each eraser is the same shape and size as a LEGO 2x4 brick and there are 4 colors in this 8-pack. Just like real LEGO bricks, they connect so they can be stacked up to make a neat, attractive desk display when not in use.
  • 8 erasers in the same shape and size as LEGO® 2x4 bricks and 4 colors
  • The erasers can be stacked like real LEGO® bricks to make an attractive addition to any desk when not in use.
  • A fun gift for LEGO® lovers aged 6and up that combines perfectly with other items in the LEGO® Brick stationery range.
LEGO® Brick Erasers
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