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Best Toys for 2-Year-Old Girls

Best Toys for 2-Year-Old Girls

It’s never too early for your child to start exploring the world around them. Toys play a crucial role in the early development of children, helping them to expand their cognitive, motor, and emotional skills, while also encouraging creativity and self-confidence.

Whether they want to explore the wild with exotic animals, or head into the real-world with police officers and construction workers, we’ve got the perfect set of LEGO® toys for 2-year-old girls that are bound to satisfy their growing curiosities and encourage creative learning during their preschool years.

Deluxe Brick Box

Excite young minds with this awesome LEGO DUPLO® building playset.

Packed full of colorful, toddler-friendly bricks, this set is sure to delight any budding builder. With 85 different pieces, kids can create familiar buildings and objects, while role-playing stories with the 2 DUPLO figures – there’s even a super-cute dog for even more fun!

The perfect toy for any 2-year-old girl, this set is packed full of countless developmental benefits. Engaging elements like the car, slide, and swing encourage creative play that young kids can relate to their everyday experiences. The 1-3 number blocks will even help boost your child’s number skills!

Alphabet Town

Introduce your 2-year-old to bright colors, interesting shapes, and all the letters of the alphabet with this LEGO DUPLO playset.

Designed to help develop fine motor skills, kids can build and reconfigure the colorful scene, which comes complete with drivable vehicles, hinged windows, and tons of geometric shapes.

Bringing the set to life are the boy and girl figures, plus there’s even a cute pug figure to play with!

Organic Market

Spend a day at the farmers market with this adorable playset.

This activity-packed set is the perfect toy for 2-year-olds who love shop play. Kids will develop their balancing skills as they use the scales to weigh the food, while they also learn about paying for goods and recognizing numbers with the toy coins.

Complete with a radish, strawberry, lemon, and watermelon, the set also encourages kids to explore emotions as each piece of fruit wears a different expression.

You and your child will enjoy countless hours role-playing as the market stallholder and the customer, and there’s even a tote-bag to take the food home at the end of a busy day!

Organic Garden

Looking for the perfect toy for a 2-year-old girl who loves all things nature? Gift them a slice of the outdoors with the Organic Garden playset.

Designed to introduce kids to the idea of an ecosystem, this set is bound to spark hours of fun-filled educational learning.

Kids get to choose the weather as they learn all about what plants need to grow, and there’s so much to explore with the buildable fruit and vegetables, trees, flowers, and wildlife.

The plants even come with cute faces to inspire your child’s self-expression and help them recognize diversity!

Number Train - Learn to Count

All aboard! Let the Number Train transport you to a world of endless imaginative fun.

The push-along train comes complete with 3 colored wagons and 2 friendly figures, as well as 10 number bricks that can be stacked, sorted, and loaded onto the train, all while introducing your child to numbers and colors.

The removable roof allows kids to place either the boy or girl figure inside the train, and there’s even an adorable dog figure who wants to come along for the ride!

You and your child will enjoy hours of fun with this set, sharing important development milestones as you build and create together.

Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island

Turn your bath into a tropical paradise with this awesome LEGO set.

Featuring a lion on his floating island, a flamingo on a ring, and a fish and octopus to splash around in the water, this set is perfect for the little animal-lover in your life.

Kids can mix up the animals and rings for endless hours of fun, and the island even splits into two separate sections so play can continue outside the bath.

For even more excitement, a rounded hook on the floating ring lets kids connect with other Bath Time Fun sets including Floating Red Panda (10964) and Floating Animal Train (10965).

Steam Train

Prepare to embark on an epic adventure!

You can put your child in the driver’s seat with this awesome Steam Train set. Perfect for little hands, just a gentle push forward or back sends the train on its way, and a firm hold brings it to a stop.

5 colored action bricks can be placed along the track to sound the horn, adjust the lights, pause and refuel, change direction, and stop the train.

Bringing the scene to life are a train station, coal tipper, tons of fun accessories, and 2 DUPLO figures – there’s even a super-cute squirrel figure who sits in the tree!

Construction Site

Delight your budding builder with this action-packed Construction Site set.

There’s so much on site for little fingers to get busy with. Each vehicle is brought to life with super-fun features, such as the cement mixer’s rotating drum, the crane’s ability to swivel, and the bulldozer’s movable bucket. There are also tons of cool accessories such as a jackhammer, boulder, and shovel.

Kids will learn all about teamwork with the trio of construction workers, and there’s even a pizza to reward everyone after a hard day’s work!

Wild Animals of the World

Take a trip around the globe with some of the coolest animals on the planet!

Perfect for nature-lovers, this set is packed full of wildlife in their natural habitats. With 22 animals from all 7 continents, kids will discover lions in Africa, pandas in Asia, penguins in the Antarctic, and so much more!

The foldable map of the world will take your child on a complete tour of the globe, while soundbrick plays realistic noises and animal sounds to really bring the set to life.

With so many fun features, the set is also perfect for displaying in your child’s room!

Police Station & Helicopter

Calling all budding police offers! Help keep the city safe with this action-packed police playset.

This 40-piece set is packed full of authentic details. Kids can race to save the day with the Push&Go car complete with flashing lights and sirens, before jumping in the helicopter to aid the mission. There’s also a super-cute dog to train, as well as an observation tower, open and close doors, and a coffee cup that doubles up as a megaphone.

Providing a worry-free way for kids to learn all about the important work of the police, this set is bound to spark hours of exciting real-world play!

Looking for even more LEGO® sets?

The fun might start in your early years, but it doesn’t need to end there. We’ve got LEGO sets to suit all ages and interests, so whether you’re looking for a treat for a 5-year-old as they start school, or a gift for a fifty-year-old as they hit the big birthday, we’ve got you covered. Explore our huge collection today and you’re bound to find the perfect set for the LEGO fan in your life.