Gotcha! This April Fools’ Day we teased something BIG...

No, we won’t be shipping a Supersized Tim™ Minion anytime soon. Just a little (!) April Fools’ fun.

... in order to reveal something BIGGER!

NEW LEGO® Despicable Me 4 sets incoming, and they’re HUGE on the awesomeness scale.

While you wait... it’s trailer time!

NEW LEGO® Despicable Me 4 sets dropping in...
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Catch up with all the Supersized Tim™ Minion April Fools’ shenanigans below:


... the...


Meet Supersized Tim™ Minion, the first of our new supersized LEGO® sets

He’s big. He’s bold. He’s very, very yellow.
  • Supersized Tim™ Minion is taller than an average-height human

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In terms of bricks, it has 102,213 bricks

Plus a record-crushing 8,947-page instruction manual

That’s over a year of building fun! That’s right, a whole year of building. And building. And building. And b–

Giant gift with purchase!

Easily move Supersized Tim™ Minion from room to room with these safety straps.


Wouldn’t recommend

Forklift not included

Fun date activity

The LEGO Group and/or its affiliates are not liable for any lifestyle disruption arising from having Supersized Tim™ Minion living with you at home and looming over all the things. Consult your chiropractor before and after assembly.

Check your calendar and save the date

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