Last Chance

Main Street Building


Retired product

Choking hazard.
Small parts and small balls.
Building Instructions

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Neighbourhood set inspire limitless stories

Extensive building toy comes with 12 figures so there are endless ways for kids to enjoy creative community role-play.

Every day there’s a new way to play

Modular design means each element can be rearranged in any way so kids can reconfigure the building however they desire.

Main Street Building

Keeping things fresh

Modular design means kids arrange the building their way.

Uplifting play

Plenty of space for Harper’s wheelchair in the elevator.

Neighbourhood with heart

Creative details enhance the community play.

Unload the moving truck

Help welcome a new family to the neighbourhood.

A flavour of the world

International food market has products from far and wide.

So many roles to play

This feature-packed set comes with 12 figures.

Extend the play and increase the fun

Grow the neighbourhood by adding other LEGO® Friends sets. Each one is sold separately and is available at different times.
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