Hulk vs. Rhino Truck Showdown

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Limit 5
Small parts.
Building Instructions

Battle fun for little Superheroes

Action-packed playset helps Spider-Man and Hulk fans aged 4 and up learn how to build with LEGO® bricks.

Designed with young builders in mind

Comes with a sturdy base to build on. Each bag of bricks contains a figure and model so play can start right away.

Hulk vs. Rhino Truck Showdown

Endless save-the-day role play

Comes with Hulk, Spidey and Rhino minifigures.

Jet-propelled web slinger

Spidey swoops in to catch Rhino in a web.

Making off with the swag

Bank vault slots into the boot of Rhino’s truck.

A winning team

Picture guides make building a breeze for little Superheroes, but grown-ups can join in the fun and lend a helping hand.

Smash, grab and battle play

Spidey and Hulk join forces to stop Rhino in his tracks as he attempts to steal the bank vault containing gold and a diamond.
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