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Best Toys for 5-Year-Old Boys

Best Toys for 5-Year-Old Boys

Take your little boy on a whole host of adventures.

Whether they want to immerse themselves in police puppy training, travel the country in a classic camper van, or explore the wonders of a magical realm, we’ve got a huge range of amazing LEGO® sets to inspire your 5-year-old boy and take their imagination to new heights.

Fire Rescue Boat

Hit the waves and save the day with the LEGO® City Fire Rescue Boat! Your little everyday hero will have a blast with this fun-filled fire-fighting set.

Putting your child right at the heart of the action, this set will teach them all about real-world scenarios, growing their life skills while keeping them entertained for hours.

Kids will shoot LEGO water elements from the boat’s extinguisher, fly high with the firefighting jetpack, or launch the speedboat dinghy in times of crisis.

3 minifigures and a selection of LEGO flames really bring this set to life, and with no batteries required, all it needs is your 5-year-old boy’s imagination.

Holiday Camper Van

All aboard for the trip of a lifetime! Round up the family and hit the wide open road with this toy camper van set. There’s no limit to where you might go – just let your child’s imagination take you on a ride.

With 190 pieces and a classic camper van design, there are endless hours of holiday fun to be had with this set. The detailed interior includes a dining table, a kitchenette and a sleeping area, and the removable roof is perfect for even more hands-on play.

The set also includes mum, dad and baby figures, as well as a load of fun food accessories.

Lots of Bricks

Ready for your 5-year-olds to get ultra-creative? From cars and globes to houses and parrots, the building opportunities are absolutely endless with this 1,000-piece set.

Bursting with 10 vibrant colours and lots of different ways to build and play, this set is all about letting your child’s self-expression flow. Simple model guides will help your young builder get started, and after that the free-building fun will continue for hours.

From quick builds to larger projects, this set is perfect for encouraging creativity and open-ended play. All you have to do to put a wealth of inspiration right at your child’s fingertips is open the box.

Creative Fantasy Universe

Prepare to enter hidden realms that burst with magical characters and mythical creatures. With 1,800 bricks and 3 realms to explore, this set offers endless amounts of make-believe fun.

Whether your young adventurer is exploring on land with the medieval knights, floating in the sky with the wizard’s cloud castle, or roaming the high seas with pirates and mermaids, this legend-inspired set is an amazing introduction to creative construction.

5-year-old boys can get creative with a rainbow of enchanting colours – and the gold, silver and opalescent elements really bring the magic to life!

Recycling Truck

Let’s care for the planet together! This waste-recycling lorry playset will teach your child all about the importance of caring for the environment, while offering hours of imaginative play.

The lorry itself features a tipping platform to empty containers and a raisable flatbed for offloading. The set also includes a recycling centre with 3 containers and a trio of minifigures. There’s even a cute cat to accompany your child on their adventures.

Look out for other LEGO® City sets to combine with to expand the possibilities and unlock even more fun.

Penguin Slushy Van

Step into summer with the coolest toy in town!

With the help of 4 slushy machines, 2 slushy cups and a sliding serving hatch, children will be able to serve thirsty customers all day long in the Penguin Slushy Van.

As well as a customer minifigure, the set also includes a penguin-suited vendor – complete with an amazing penguin hat.

This set is perfect for 5-year-old boys who love cool vehicles and are naturally curious about the world around them. The vendor van playset allows them to explore the real world up close, while also offering hours of fun-filled play.

Mobile Police Dog Training

Jump into a world of canine adventures with this playset! 5-year-old boys will enjoy a super fun role-play experience as they get stuck into intensive training with the puppy figure, before heading out in the SUV with the dog for even more epic escapades.

Containing 197 pieces, the set includes a K9 SUV, a trailer and training apparatus that includes a seesaw, stepping paws and a jump bar.

The set also includes 2 police minifigures as well as other fun accessories to aid the adventures, including a grooming brush, a flashlight, a shovel and toy dog treats to reward a job well done.

Creative Ninja Brick Box

Get ready to meet your ninja heroes! This LEGO® NINJAGO® dojo playset gives kids everything they need to train their ninja favourites and prepare for action.

Your young ninja can practice skills with Kai, Nya and Master Wu at the dojo, train the 2 apprentices using the interactive obstacle course, or hit the armoury before battling the evil Bone Hunter.

This is also the very first NINJAGO set to come in a brick box, so kids can get creative and store their bricks in the box at the end of playtime.

For even more fantasy fun, keep an eye out for other NINJAGO playsets to collect.

Looking for even more LEGO® sets?

The possibilities are endless! Whether you’re after action-packed play-and-learn or enchanting sets inspired by your favourite stories, we’ve got the perfect toys for kids of all ages. Take a look at the rest of our extensive collection to unleash even more LEGO® fun.