Ice Ninja Zane from LEGO® NINJAGO® world

Zane – the Elemental Master of Ice!

Zane is a Nindroid (ninja robot) created by the Dr. Julien in his hidden workshop in Birchwood Forest. Dr. Julien brought Zane up like a son, teaching him lots of useful life skills, and Zane gained his Ice Power after a random visit one night by an old man, the Elemental Master of Ice.

Just before Dr. Julien passed away of old age, he turned off Zane’s ‘memory switch’ so his robot son wouldn’t feel sad. And, happily, Master Wu recruited Zane to train at the Monastery of Spinjitzu and become part of a new ‘family’ – the team of ninja heroes.

Ice Ninja Zane brings a lot of computer intelligence to the group and is always there to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Dedicated to peace and freedom, Zane is courageous, caring and has a big heart (even though he doesn’t actually have one!).

That’s why fans love to role-play as this ice-cool character using the Zane minifigures that feature in lots of LEGO® NINJAGO building kits.

Kids can spin up a storm with the LEGO® NINJAGO® Spinjitzu Slam - Zane (70683) spinning top toy!

This fun-packed playset features a collectible Zane FS minifigure with a ‘powered-up’ hood element and his Tornado Spinner. Place the minifigure in his tornado spinner, attach it to the brick-built launcher and slam down on the launcher to send the minifigure spiraling towards the target.

Great for solo or social play, kids will love recreating the ninja tornado effect as seen on the NINJAGO TV show and creating their own Spinjitzu Slam competitions with friends.