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Become a Real-Life Hero with Doctors & Nurses

If your child has a passion for helping the sick and injured, they’ll love these LEGO doctor sets for kids.
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Already Have a Favorite Hero?

For some kids, there’s no question as to what they want to be when they grow up. And that’s great! Jump right to their go-to hero.

Heartlake City Hospital

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Playing Doctor is Easy

We’re confident that with the help of our talented minifigures, your young doctor or nurse will have everyone feeling better in no time!

Ready to Treat Any Patient

A lot happens in a hospital! From routine check-ups to taking x-rays and speedy helicopter rescues, the detailed world of LEGO doctor and nurse toys ensures your kids are ready for everything!

Fix Broken Bones

Deliver Babies

Take a Vision Test

Examine Samples

Hop in the Wheelchair

Load the Ambulance

The Doctor is in Town!

LEGO City wouldn’t be complete without skilled nurses, doctors and paramedics that keep its citizens healthy! If your child loves playing doctor or nurse, these LEGO City sets are the perfect way to expand their medical practice.

Saving Lives is a Team Effort

When an accident happens, nurses and doctors rely on police officers and firefighters to be the first responders. With a full team of everyday LEGO heroes, kids can ensure everyone gets to the hospital safely!

Why we Love LEGO Doctors & Nurses

A baby cries, a monitor beeps, a sliding door opens—what are the sounds of a hospital to you? As key players in keeping our neighborhoods healthy, doctors and nurses can remind us what's most important and how to prioritize.

For young children, playing doctor or nurse is surprisingly creative! They imagine hundreds of ailments and thousands of ways to treat and cure them. LEGO products help kids learn what doctors and nurses do every day while infusing their roleplay with a little quirkiness and fun.

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    Corner Garage

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  • Heartlake City Hospital

    Average rating4out of 5 stars
    Price59,99 €
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