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Great souvenirs for London lovers

Great Souvenirs for London Lovers

London. Just the name evokes iconic images. Royal parades and palaces. The majestic Thames. A bustling, cosmopolitan melting pot crammed with culture and brimming with quintessential British sights.

Architecturally, it’s a fascinating mix of the old and the new, too. And now anyone can build their own London souvenirs anytime they choose through the power of these LEGO® sets celebrating the British capital. Here are our suggestions for the very best gifts for London lovers.

LEGO® Ideas Red London Telephone Box

Ready to dial up the nostalgia with a replica of a much-loved cultural icon and celebrated symbol of Britain? Time to call on our Red London Telephone Box set.

A familiar sight since the 1920s, there’s nothing quite like a bright red K2 London phone box to bring to mind the quaint winding streets, incredible history and unique charm of this timeless capital.

It’s the typical London scene display, complete with a cobbled street, lamp post, hanging flower baskets, flowerpot, fence and street sign. There’s even a LEGO light brick included to illuminate the inside of the telephone box. But that’s not all – you even have the option to use the set as a smartphone holder.

Don’t put your decision on hold. It’s the essential build for anyone with London close to their heart. Ring! Ring!

LEGO® Icons Natural History Museum

Just as London has its own famed natural history museum, so do we. Immerse yourself in the wonder of nature as you build all three stories. Then join seven minifigures (and a playful pup) to explore your creation. A first floor of natural history exhibits, a second focusing on space and science artifacts, and a third with a rooftop office.

Crammed with delightful detail, this addition to the Modular Buildings series includes a whole host of treasures, dual skylights,and a brachiosaurus skeleton towering from the atrium to the second floor. With its classical architecture, dinosaur and delightful displays, this LEGO Icons Natural History Museum set is perfect for anyone who loves an intricate and rewarding build – and the natural world. Tickets please…

LEGO® | Disney Peter Pan & Wendy’s Flight over London

A mischievous figure appears at the window. He takes you by the hand. It’s time to let your imagination take flight on another adventure with Disney’s Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinker Bell across the moonlit rooftops of London!

Soar over Big Ben’s three glow-in-the-dark clock faces. Drift past the cloud with stars and luminous moon. Swoop over the river and bridges. And don’t forget to free Nana from her kennel to join in all the fun. Now you can spend every day in Neverland. After all, isn’t growing up a bit overrated?

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LEGO® Architecture London

London’s skyline is recognizable all around the world. And for good reason. Cast your eye across the city and you’ll see some of the most cherished architectural wonders on the planet. Now you can celebrate some of these famous structures with this super set from our LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection.

Recreate Nelson’s Column, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, The National Gallery and the London Eye in LEGO bricks, and bring the wonder of them all to life. All laid out to scale to create the perfect panorama of some of the most well-known and distinguished architectural features in one of the great cities. There’s even a decorative ‘London’ nameplate for that perfect finishing touch. Sir Christopher Wren would be proud!

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Diagon Alley™

Hidden from the Muggle world, slap bang in the center of the city, just behind the Leaky Cauldron pub, you’ll find London’s most magical shopping street. That’s it. There. See that brick? Tap it. Hooray! You’re in. Welcome to Diagon Alley™.

Prepare to join the wizards and witches on a shopping trip like no other with our fantastically detailed LEGO Harry Potter™ Diagon Alley set. Potions, broomsticks, wands and every other supply needed to survive another year at Hogwarts – you’ll find them all here.

Recreate one of the most loved places in the Harry Potter world with this magical gift for anyone who loves ‘the boy who lived’. But remember, when building it, no spells allowed!

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These LEGO sets offer a glimpse into the majesty and charm of England’s capital for anyone who loves London, and a variety of challenging builds. From amazing architecture to fabulous vistas, sightseeing highlights to the magical world of Peter Pan and Harry Potter, welcome, one and all, to one of the world’s greatest cities.

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