Discover the LEGO® Wildflower Bouquet

Discover the LEGO® Wildflower Bouquet

Recreate the beauty of untamed blooms – build a vibrant wildflower bouquet inspired by joyful discoveries in nature.

Build your blossom


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Get closer to nature
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Leave the real wildflowers to the bees…

Instead, get 8 different species of wild LEGO® florals for that fresh-from-the-forest look!

Go wild with creativity

Tap into your inner florist and experiment with different arrangements and flower heights.

Get arrangement inspiration

We gave LEGO® flower-lovers some of our bouquets and botanicals and let their creativity roam free – see what they come up with!

Blooming with possibility

Just add more LEGO® flowers and sets for even bigger bouquets and décor options.

Wild about the little details...

Brick-built beauty

Create your own Centaurea cyanus (that’s cornflower to you and me...)

Spike your interest

Recreate the tall ombré spikes of the lupin plant using unexpected elements!

Gorgeous Gerbera

A cousin of the sunflower, the gerbera is native to South Africa... and also to your home?