Just Imagine with Beatrix Lee Brandt-Madsen 💭

Imagine working somewhere you really love. Then imagine your job was about opening the door for others to share the experience. Beatrix is a Senior Digital Recruiter in our Talent Organisation. The best part of her job is giving people the good news that they’ll be part of the LEGO® team. But this isn’t the only reason she’s found to enjoy her role.

“In February 2023, I’ll have been here for two years. The one thing that stood out for me from day one was: have the courage to be 100% who you are. There’s no work version of you that you need to play out here. Play, yes. But as yourself. Speak up and know you can do so in a safe environment with supportive, straightforward colleagues.


“In my day-to-day role, I’m the first line of contact for people applying to join us. I’m their first interviewer, the champion for our job archetypes and support hiring managers to make the best hiring decisions, so we get the best talent for every role.

“Being the link between our digital candidates and hiring managers, as well as overseeing the whole process, gives me a fascinating insight into how quickly technology is evolving here. I feel that this connects me somehow with how the business is changing. So I’m also connected to inspiring the builders of tomorrow . Not directly perhaps, but hiring the best engineers and analysts has an impact on our products. That’s important.


"Plus, we managed to change the way we recruit with more focus on building the community of excellence which means we’re able to operate more efficiently and effectively. I can feel proud of what we’ve achieved here and that I’ve helped some more amazing talent join us at the same time.

“In the true spirit of play, we like to experiment with the way we do things too. Bringing a different mindset and finding new ways to innovate, makes what I do even more interesting and means we can improve all the time. If we stick with stringent recruitment processes, how will we ever know there isn’t a better way? When you’re working at the Billund campus, how can you not feel inspired to be more creative? We’re surrounded by amazing talent doing incredible things. It immediately feels like a fun place to be. This is as far from being a corporate workplace as you could possibly imagine.


“It’s inspiring - and because we’re inspired we’re more motivated. My colleagues and I thrive on giving and doing our best. We’re always keen to explore the possibilities of learning, acquiring new skillsets, taking a deeper dive into areas that really interest us.

“The best teachers we have though are our hiring managers and the candidates themselves. Imagine how many people we’re lucky enough to meet through our work. Imagine how it feels to break the news to the successful ones. Seeing their faces on their first day with us, how happy they are, this makes everything I do worthwhile. It’s hard work. Sometimes it feels as though there aren’t enough hours in the day. But we’re a team and collaborating as one makes all the difference."

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