Factory colleagues celebrate Play Day with the owner family and COO Carsten Rasmussen

On Play Day, LEGO® employees all over the world take the day off work to simply play and have LEGO fun.

Play Day aims to let LEGO® employees experience the power of play through various play activities and inspire them to create more playful moments in their everyday life, at work, at home, and in their local communities.

This year (2021), Play Day kicked off with colleagues in our factories in Jiaxing (China), Billund (Denmark), LOM (Mexico), Kladno (Czech Republic), and Nyiregyhaza (Hungary). Thomas Kirk Kristiansen and Agnete Kirk Thinggard from the owner family and Chief Operations Officer Carsten Rasmussen joined the fun and games at our factory in Billund. They thoroughly enjoyed playing with LEGO colleagues.

Thomas said: “It was great to have fun playing together with colleagues. Not only is play fun, it also gives everyone a well-deserved break from work, and play inspires creativity, builds connections and motivation and helps problem-solving. We know the benefits that Learning-through-Play brings to children, and the benefits for adults are just as great and important. Play Day is about inspiring all our colleagues around the world to be more playful.”

Carsten said: “Play Day is a fantastic and welcome break from our very busy schedule. Not least after all we have been through with COVID-19, restrictions, and lockdowns. It has been a tough period, and all our employees deserve to have a little bit of carefree fun after what they have accomplished over the past many months. As a company that creates play experiences for children, it’s also important that we, no matter how busy we are, take the time to play and have fun together. We must – and will – never be too busy for Play Day.”

Play Day in a Box for all other LEGO employees will take place in September.