Discovering the world of Product Design at the LEGO Group

To continue this year’s International Women’s Day discussion and topic of #BreakingtheBias we said Hej to some of the pioneering women in our product design team and discussed their careers here at the LEGO Group. From their role highlights to the best advice, these women have shared what it’s like to work here, and their journeys to the LEGO Group.

Our host, Fenella Charity, Design Director caught up with some of our talented design colleagues to learn more about their roles, experiences, and some of the awesome products they’ve helped develop and bring to life. Our Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Cecilia Weckstrom, and our Vice President of Design, Matthew Ashton shared their advice on careers at the LEGO Group and how we can continue #BreakingtheBias.

Here are some of our favourite moments from the discussion:

Antica, Model Designer 👋

"In a way going from a LEGO® fan to a product designer does feel similar. I still spend most of my day building things and having fun. But the biggest difference now is that when you’re a designer and you’re working on a model, you have another builder, our consumer, in mind. You’re thinking about the building experience someone else will have, and that’s what you base your design choices on."

Ellen, Senior Designer 👋

"It’s an amazing thing to be able to share your knowledge with new designers as a mentor. You’re their first point of contact when they enter this new and amazing workplace. And you can also direct them to other people, let’s say they want to know about functions, I’ve got this amazing colleague that can show you. If you want to get into element design, we have an amazing team. So, I think it’s cool to introduce them to all these amazing people we have around us."

Andrea, Senior Designer 👋

"I think the key is having a good relationship with your self-doubt. You let it keep you hungry and hold you to a high standard. Because in my experience, it’s been an advantage when the work starts to speak for itself. But you also need to have the self-compassion to not allow it to hinder you. You really, really have to be kind to yourself."

Raquel, Concept Lead and Design Manager 👋

"I had the opportunity to be the creative lead in one project called LEGO Trollz, which is also a nice opportunity because you work with an IP, which in that case was Dreamworks, and you get to see how another creative company works. You get sneak peeks at how the films will go, because you need to create the models at the same time almost that they’re filming."

Cristina, Graphic Designer 👋

"I started as a freelancer at the LEGO Group and built my way into a permanent position. I was very lucky that because of my art style, I had the chance to work in different teams and different departments. I love the collaboration I have with my teammates, the openness we have, as well as the opportunities we have to explore new themes and projects. Even exploring new areas of design."

Design Team

The event was exciting and filled with lots of insights and tips for those wanting to develop a career in product design here at the LEGO Group. We saw an amazing turnout from our attendees, with a lot of inspired minds sharing their thoughts.

Here are just a few of the comments captured during the event;

‘I have noticed that many people stay at the LEGO Group for a very long time. This speaks volumes about the way in which the company cares for their employees.’

‘I think I speak for everyone when I say this session has been so insightful! I feel so much more confident as a woman in the product design field, considering everywhere I have applied is very male-dominated and intimidating’

If you’d like to find out more about the opportunities we have here at the LEGO Group then check out our latest vacancies