What does creativity look like?

"Children and big children all have high expectations of the LEGO® brick, so it’s up to us to make sure they’re as excited and mesmerized as the first one they saw", says Kiran, our Marketing Brand Manager in Singapore.

If you visit our Singapore office, you’re guaranteed to see Kiran’s beaming smile. And he’s making children across the world smile too. As our Marketing Brand Manager based in Singapore, he’s working hard to make sure everyone in South East Asia can create and let their imagination run wild with LEGO® sets.

Kiran started his career in our Canada office but has now found home in our Singapore Hub. His team buzzes with culture, with six people from different nations, and five from different ethnic backgrounds. He collaborates with his team of brand gurus and designers to keep the LEGO Group brand running smoothly, looking beautiful, and as awesome as ever. Think of him as a guardian of our identity. His mission is to excite, energize and engage with 130 million children across South East Asia, and that means coming up with fun new campaigns. He’s learning a lot and growing more every day.

In our LEGO family, there are thousands of people to learn from – all around the world. Although Kiran works in Singapore, his mentor is based in our Enfield office. And whether it’s Marketing Academy, LinkedIn Learning, shadowing a new role or learning-by-doing, Kiran has all the tools he needs to keep growing.

Fun keeps your spirits high and brings out your best self

Kiran believes that the people here truly make the job more fun! He gets to experience different cultures and has the opportunity to learn and grow from great minds around him. The best part of his job? Being able to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow, by making sure he’s sharing the exciting and awesome new products we have for kids and fans across South East Asia.

Lightning round… Ready, set, go!

1. If the LEGO Group was an animal, what would it be and why?
Oh, definitely a polar bear. They’re fuzzy, nice and give a great feeling. I feel like that’s just the LEGO Group in a nutshell. Everybody loves it, well, at least I love it.

2. What Minifigure would you be?
Hands down I’m the tennis player Minifigure. I love to play tennis, but I’m not that great. So, in my LEGO universe, I’m a pro player who’s won four grand slams.

3. When was the last time you stepped on a LEGO brick?
This morning. It was on the floor, and I didn’t notice, it must have been my son who left it there because he’s obsessed with LEGO bricks. I felt something under my foot, and I just let out a long “ooouch” followed by my son’s name.

4. What's your most recent build?
I last built the LEGO® Super Mario™ Adventures with Mario Starter Course. It’s super fun to play with, and my whole family gets involved. Little Mario has become a part of our family, he comes travelling with us, eats with us and even sleeps with us. It’s a great way to create challenges and encourage imagination and play with my children.

If you like what you hear, and want to use your creativity, personality and imagination to help and inspire LEGO fans worldwide, join Kiran in our Marketing Team. Take his word for it – it’s awesome!