The Devourer Showdown

Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Minecraft Legends® set featuring The Devourer

Mucus and vomit projectiles are just 2 of the reasons kids love The Devourer in this first-ever Minecraft Legends® set.
Creative builds for gamers

Authentic hands-on action

Kids take on the disgusting Devourer with help from the Ranger Hero, Big Beak, a Skeleton and a Cobblestone Golem.

LEGO® Minecraft Legends® The Devourer Showdown

The disgusting Devourer

Long, swinging arms and a body covered in scabs and fungus.

Mucus and vomit projectiles

Press buttons to launch vomit ‘missiles’ and mucus elements.

The Ranger Hero saves the day

The Ranger rides Big Beak as he commands his allies.

Enter a digital world of building

Builders can zoom in, rotate sets in 3D and track progress using the fun, intuitive LEGO® Builder app.

Cool gaming gift toy

This LEGO® Minecraft® set is a great gift idea for kids with a passion for action figures, building toys and Minecraft gaming.
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