The 9 Best LEGO® Monster Truck Toys For Kids

The 9 Best LEGO® Monster Truck Toys For Kids

Take your LEGO® vehicles to the next level with massive monster truck action!

These nine LEGO monster truck sets range from cool and authentic to wildly imaginative, bad-guy-crushing mega sets. When you get behind the wheel, the choice of adventure is yours.

Monster Truck Race

Fans of LEGO® 2KDRIVE will love this action-packed set, complete with 2 quirky monster trucks as featured in the popular video game. Kids can play out their favorite moments from the game, or stage their very own races with the awesome taco and pirate driver minifigures. There’s plenty of fun features, including a toy guacamole launcher, and a treasure chest that tips toy fish!

The trucks are also fully customisable, so kids can swap the front and rear modules to mix-and-match the design however they wish!

Make sure to keep an eye out for other sets to combine with for even more action-packed adventures. LEGO City sets to combine with for even more action-packed adventures.

Monster Jam™ Monster Mutt™ Dalmation

Jump, flip, and race into the action with the Monster Jam™ Monster Mutt™ Dalmation!

Kids aged 7 and over will love recreating their favorite moments from the real-life arena with this truck.

The pull-back action means they can race the vehicle, before trying out some epic tricks! Fans of Monster Jam™ will love paying homage to one of the classic trucks with the sticker graphics, and when they’re ready for a new challenge, the Dalmation model can be rebuilt into a super-cool Race Truck!

This set also makes a great addition to others in the LEGO® Technic Monster Jam™ range, so you can expand more of the monster truck fun!

4x4 Off-Roader Adventures

Get off the beaten track for some epic adventures with the LEGO® City 4x4 Off-Roader Adventures playset!

Kids can head out on camping adventures everyday with this awesome off-roader. The buildable 4x4 comes with mega suspension and huge off-road tires, and the set also includes 2 toy mountain bikes for even more exploring.

Also included is everything you need for a fun overnight camping trip, including a cozy tent with a detailed interior, and 2 sleeping bags, plus there’s even a campfire to keep you warm!

Bringing the set to life are 2 minifigures, and tons of cute accessories including a toy camera, shovel, pan, and backpack. 

LEGO® Marvel Spidey And His Amazing Friends – Hulk vs. Rhino Truck Showdown

Join forces with Spidey and the Hulk to take down Rhino before he makes off with the bank vault!

This thrilling set is full of fun features, including 2 changeable heads with different expressions for the Hulk, Spider-Man’s missile-firing jet pack, and the bank vault that fits into the trunk of Rhino’s truck.

Recreate scenes inspired by the popular Disney+ Marvel TV series, playing the hero to thwart Rhino’s bank heist. Spidey sweeps in to trap the robber in his web, and Hulk’s monster vehicle is ready to smash Rhino’s truck with a pair of massive fists!

Kai’s Ninja Race Car EVO

Prepare for hours of racing action with Kai’s Ninja Race Car EVO!

Based on the NINJAGO® Masters of Spinjitzu TV show, the LEGO NINJAGO collection gives kids the chance to learn the ways of the ninja, all while battling enemy forces and protecting the city.

With this buildable car toy, kids can play out action-packed scenes with an off-road vehicle, before changing all 4 wheels to transform it into a super-powerful street-racing car.

The set comes complete with a Kai minifigure, who is armed with 2 golden katana weapons, and there’s even an opening cockpit so you can place Kai behind the wheel for endless thrilling adventures around NINJAGO City!

Team Spidey’s Mobile Headquarters

Prepare for a whole load of web-slinging action with this epic LEGO® Marvel set!

Perfect for kids aged 4+, this set is all about on-the-move adventures and awesome vehicles. Designed for hours of fast-moving fun, the mobile HQ has an opening cockpit and rear door, so the roadster and ATV can enter and exit with ease.

Iconic characters bring the set to life, including Spidey, Miles Morales, Ghost Spider, and more. Plus, Rhino even comes complete with an egg-firing blaster for hours of food-fight battles.

Packed with tons of other super-fun accessories including web elements and street furniture, this set is bound to transport kids' imaginations on endless Superhero missions!

Crocodile Car

Step into the Dream World and help save Jayden from the scary Night Hunter!

Based on the cool Crocodile Car from the DREAMZzz™ TV Show, kids can build 2 epic vehicles with this set, doubling the playtime and the fun.

The super-fast off-road mode includes a removable roof and rolling wheels, and is perfect for chasing the nightmares down. In crocodile mode, the vehicle has posable limbs, plus a disc shooter hidden in the front grille, to help kids fight off the nightmares!

The set also includes detailed minifigures of Cooper and Jayden, plus the Night Hunter who comes with a cool motorcycle toy and evil helper!

Monster Jam™ Dragon™

Calling all Monster Jam™ fans! Part of the LEGO® Technic™ range, this set makes the perfect introduction to building and engineering for kids aged 7 and over.

Kids can enjoy all the thrilling action of Monster Jam™ with this 2-in-1 set. After building the truck, they’ll use the pull-back action to send it racing along, before recreating the epic jumps and tricks they’ve seen in the real arena. Complete with spikes and horns, the truck even comes with sticker graphics, so your child can decorate their vehicle just like the real-life Monster Trucks.

When they’re ready to switch things up, the toy rebuilds into a Crocodile Buggy for even more racing play!

Custom Car Garage

Get ready for hours of creative customization with the Custom Car Garage set!

The perfect toy for kids who love cool automobiles, there’s so much to discover with this set. The well-equipped garage includes equipment for welding, painting, and repairs, plus there’s also a ramp and hoist for quick engine work.

The configuration wall is ideal for dreaming up awesome designs, and the build includes 2 customisable cars, complete with a range of different headlights, bumpers, spoilers, and engines.

Bringing the garage to life are 2 mechanic and 2 driver minifigures, as well as lots of fun accessories including a toy welding torch, welding mask, and toolkit.

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