Toy Boats and Ships

Sail the Seven Seas with LEGO® Toy Boats

LEGO® tales ahead! Embark on endless brick ocean adventures with minifigure and LEGO DUPLO® pirates, captains and other happy sailors on the seven (studded) seas.

Sail off towards the horizon!

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How do boats float?

When you lower a boat into a big body of water, like a river, harbor or ocean, the weight and density of the water will always be greater than that of the boat. That’s because the inside of a boat is mostly filled with air, which doesn’t weigh much, of course. But if you lower a boat into a small wading pool, the weight of the boat may be greater than the weight and density of the water – and your boat quickly becomes a bottom dweller.

Why can a sailboat sail against the wind?

It may seem counter-intuitive that sailing against the wind is even possible in a sailboat. But it’s all about physics. When you set the sails at an angle of 25-45 degrees to the wind, the wind fills the sail and makes the sail perform like a wing on a plane. The air is pushed back, while the boat is propelled forward. This means that you will be zigzagging (tacking) to get to where you’re going – and get to spend more time on your boat!

How do you choose a great name for your boat?

Every great ship should have a name. Toy ships especially. Renaming a boat, however, is generally considered bad luck, so choose wisely – or just build a new boat – if you regret your first choice!

Will it float?

What objects will float in your kitchen sink or bathtub? Let your child experiment with different types of “boats” at home. (Maybe set some ground rules for what objects should NOT be tested…) Tie wooden spoons together with rubber bands to create a raft. A pot or bowl could also make a great boat, too. Bring in a few minifigures with strong sea legs and let the adventures begin.

Why sailors are (still) heroes

Before bicycles, cars, trains, and planes, people walked, rode horses, and SAILED. The first sailors learned to master the waves and winds to bring home food for their families. Others were brave (or crazy - or both) men and women who embarked on expeditions into the unknown, crossing oceans to discover and explore new worlds above and in the water.

Life onboard a boat is for courageous adventurers. So, whether your child captains a pirate ship, a cargo ship, a sailboat, a fishing boat, a rescue boat, or just a rowboat, put them in a life jacket and let the seven seas open up a world of wonder.