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The 8 Best LEGO® Sea Creature Toys for Kids

Dive into a world of adventure with sea creatures! If you’ve got a young fan of oceanography (or an explorer who wants to see what lurks beneath the waves), playtime is sure to go swimmingly when you have the best deep-sea fish toys. Scary sharks, scuttling crabs and even narwhals are all here to play and help sea-lovers of all ages land themselves an exciting time!

LEGO® City – Ocean Exploration Base

There’s so much to see underwater – kids can become deep-sea divers with this cool ocean base, featuring interchangeable living and research modules.

Swing the toy crane to get supplies into place, then go out for a quick tour of the area in the docking submarine. The five explorer minifigures can meet sharks and stingrays – or even uncover some sunken treasure!

The set also includes an underwater drone, so two minifigures can stay in the base and monitor the ocean floor from comfort.

LEGO® DOTS – Into the Deep Bracelets with Charms

Young ones can display their love of the sea on the go with these stylish, slim LEGO® DOTS Into the Deep bracelets!

The bracelets offer lots of different design possibilities with 34 pieces including glow-in-the-dark jellyfish and opalescent tiles, stars and even a purple heart charm.

They can design a look that suits their style – or mix it up to match their mood. Combine with other DOTS sets to make the ultimate fashion statement!

LEGO® DUPLO® – Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island

Bring LEGO set fun to bath-time with this super-cool set that really floats!

Ideal for children aged 18 months and up, there are loads of developmental play opportunities, like a friendly lion atop the island paradise and a flamingo floating on a ring. There are also fish friends to meet, as well as an octopus.

The island itself can split into two separate sections for even more adventure, and the pieces are all easy to wash, making every bath fun!

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Guardian Battle

The world of Minecraft® reaches from the heights of The End to the bottom of the sea. Get to work building the underwater monument and digging out the treasure tucked into the coral reef – but there’s trouble afoot!

The guardian and the elder guardian are just waiting for a chance to strike. Use the trident and enlist the help of the three tame axolotls to keep safe from the hostile fish creatures. The elder guardian can even launch a spring-loaded laser missile from its tail!

LEGO® Creator 3in1 – Fish Tank

When one sea creation isn’t enough, it’s time to get three in one!

This stylish tank comes with five different fish to build and display, as well as loads of different decorations to bring the tank to life.

But when you want a more adventure-themed set, rebuild it into an opening treasure chest with a sword and a crab guarding it – or take an arty approach and put together an easel with a glamorous painting composed of smaller tiles. 

The possibilities are endless – kids can even take the whole thing apart and come up with their own ideas!

LEGO Creator 3in1 – Pirate Ship

Ready for a high-stakes, high seas adventure? This pirate ship brings the magic alive with moving sails and cannons, a cabin with an opening roof and sides, and a parrot figure so your kids can feel like a real pirate captain. Got prisoners aboard? Make them walk the plank so they can meet the shark figure circling below the surface of the water.

Once you’re ready to settle down and put away your ship, rebuild it into the Pirates’ Inn design or bury your treasure on a creepy Skull Island design with the skeleton figurines.

LEGO® Classic – Creative Building Bricks

This set of 1,200 bricks is fully equipped to let you build any of seven different inspiring designs, including a squid, space shuttle, mouse, apple tree, watermill, bird and pear – but the real fun starts when you come up with your own designs. You can build sharks, octopuses, fish, crabs and more. Not all deep-sea creatures have been discovered yet – take a guess and build your ideas of what could be lurking on the ocean floor!

This set is perfect for young builders who can’t decide whether they want to build a deep-sea submarine or a flying dolphin – the possibilities are endless.

LEGO® Creator 3in1 – Deep Sea Creatures

The ideal set for living out sea-life adventures, this rebuildable collection lets you build a scary shark toy with pointy teeth and an opening mouth as well as moving fins, movable joints and reflective eyes, and also a posable crab scuttling around a treasure chest dropped by some passing pirates.

The fun doesn’t stop with those two – take them apart and put them back together as a flexible squid model or a wide-mouthed angler fish from the dark depths of the sea. And if you go online, there’s a bonus set of instructions for an extra creature: a ginormous whale.

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