Why the new LEGO® Art World Map is perfect for travel lovers

Why the new LEGO® Art World Map is perfect for travel lovers

The world is a beautiful place. In fact, it’s the most beautiful place we know. (Sorry, Moon).

So when designing the LEGO® Art World Map, a key question arose. How do we pay a fitting tribute to all the many wonderful things our beautiful, diverse, admittedly-slightly-crazy planet provides us with?

The answer was you.

Yes, as much as our designers enjoy being at the heart of every creative aspect of our sets, for this one they deferred to you as the factor that turns those 7 brick-built continents into something a bit more magical.

You see, this isn’t just a map. This is a tapestry of your experiences.

Track Your Travels

Keep track of the places you’ve been

To help you record your travels, this map comes with colored markers. Simply pick your color and even-more-simply stick a marker onto all the places you have been to.

Oh no! Did you pin one in the wrong place? Unfortunately, that’s there forever now and you’ve ruined your brand-new set... oh wait, sorry, this isn’t a scratch map, it’s a LEGO set isn’t it, silly us, you can of course pin, un-pin and re-pin as many times as your wanderlusting heart desires.

If you are sharing the map with friends, family or your office colleagues, it’s great fun to see which designated color most dominates the map by the time you’re all done. Any jealousy is more than offset by the proliferation of color across the map, we assure you.

Note –make sure you leave one color reserved for all those places you are planning to visit…

Arrange it your way

We built this one with the Americas at the center

Most of us are used to seeing one ‘form’ of the world map, usually based on the country we grew up in being in the center. But as we grow, and change, sometimes our perspectives shift. This LEGO Art wall map allows for such growth and change, allowing you to customize the order of the continents in up to three ways. Meaning you can place whichever continent means most to you, at the center of your map. It’s your world, after all.

Fill in the oceans

We always avoid generalizing… but every single person who enjoys traveling has a creative streak. Including you. Generally.

And those big blue oceans provide something of a perfect canvas for you to display your artistic side, should your creative muses strike. Recreate your favorite sunsets on the beaches of a once-visited land. Recreate the path of a ship you once took. Or just make some completely bonkers pattern because it looks super cool and you want to make some funky wall art.

Or, you know, just stick to the building instructions, they’re pretty good too.

Go with the flow (state)

Relax to the Soundtrack as you build

As you build this suitably enormous set, you’ll be able to plug in to our specially curated Soundtrack. It’s filled with interesting interviews and makes the perfect background for you to get into the ‘flow state’ of building. It’s an almost meditative zone that people (especially adults) often experience when taking on our most complex builds. It’s a multi-sensory experience with a pre-loaded vision of an end-goal that provides the perfect balance between challenge and achievement.

It’s the ideal way for you to reconnect with yourself – and the world.

Home décor

After all that bringing you closer to your cherished memories, providing a canvas for your limitless creativity, helping you plan your next holiday, sharing travel-based joy with friends, family and co-workers, and taking a closer step on the meditative path to LITERALLY NIRVANA (not literally), what else could this set possibly give you?

Nothing. Oh, except for an absolutely banging bit of wall décor that’ll brighten up any room. It comes with wall-hanging elements, so there’s no need for any trip to hardware stores and having to navigate those scary aisles with those weirdly-shaped shopping trolleys. And it’s perhaps the best conversation starter for all those future parties you’ll be hosting, with all your well-traveled, interesting friends.

All in all, we reckon that’s a pretty out-of-this-world set. Or rather, a pretty in-this-world set.

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