How does MINDSTORMS® work?

Contrary to popular belief, LEGO® MINDSTORMS is not powered by magic… Instead, there are dozens of powerful motors, sensors, lights, bricks – plus a rechargeable battery and speaker – that bring the robots to life. You’ll learn all about them on this page!

What’s in the box?

Here’s a quick run-down of some of the main robo-elements you’ll find in our MINDSTORMS set…

Coding Activities for Kids

To help young tech prodigies master our tech elements, we’ve created free and fun challenges that will see them test out (and learn) their endless capabilities!

Check whether your device works with the MINDSTORMS app

There’s an overwhelmingly positive chance that the device you’re reading these words on is compatible with the MINDSTORMS companion app. Buuuut just to be safe, you can find out for sure by clicking the link below.

Solving every problem

From advanced building instructions to a dedicated Help section and more, the app has a bunch of resources designed to help and support anyone and everyone with any problems they might face in the wonderful world of MINDSTORMS.