Star-Lord (Peter Quill), leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy


Star-Lord first appeared in 1976’s Marvel Preview. The character went on to feature prominently in 2006’s Annihilation, 2007’s Annihilation: Conquest, 2008’s War of Kings and The Thanos Imperative in 2009.

In the 2014 movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, the brash space adventurer teamed up with a mis-matched bunch of mavericks to form the superhero group, Guardians of the Galaxy, and soon became their leader.

Star-Lord (Peter Quill), leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy

A master tactician and skilled in close-quarter combat and the use of firearms, Star-Lord also benefits from a suit that gives him extra strength and the ability to survive travel through the vacuum of space. He also has a weapon of extraordinary power – the Element Gun – a firearm capable of projecting air, earth, fire and water.

Being part of one of the greatest fighting forces in the universe, Star Lord features prominently in numerous kids’ toys and gifts, including LEGO® action figure playsets

LEGO® Marvel Avengers 76107 Thanos: Ultimate Battle

LEGO® Marvel Avengers 76107 Thanos: Ultimate Battle brings Iron Man, Star-Lord and Gamora to an uncharted planet aboard the Guardians’ Ship. This impressive spaceship features an opening cockpit for 2 minifigures seated on the space scooter, stud shooters, plus an opening rear compartment with capacity for 2 minifigures and the Infinity Gauntlet and stand.

The Infinity Gauntlet, which has attachment points for the included Infinity Stone and other collectable Infinity Stone elements, can be attached to the Thanos big figure. This superhero building toy features 3 minifigures with assorted weapons and 10 Power Burst elements.