Make your own: paper plate dinosaurs and LEGO DUPLO trees

Make your own: paper plate dinosaurs and LEGO® DUPLO® trees

Did you know that paper plate dinosaurs absolutely love chomping away on LEGO® DUPLO® trees? Test it out if you don’t believe us!

This craft is great fun for any dinosaur-loving toddler and you can make all kinds of different species depending on what you have around the house.

How its made

We are going to show you how we made the Diplodocus dinosaur with its long green neck, but why not try making a Stegosaurus or a Triceratops or even a terrifying T-rex? This activity will provide a great opportunity to talk about where dinosaurs came from, and it’s also a fantastic way for your little one to practice using scissors (with a little adult supervision!).

What you need:
- Green and brown LEGO DUPLO bricks (we used bricks from this set for our trees!
- Paper plates
- Kitchen roll tubes
- Paint
- Scissors
- Glue
- Any decorations you have e.g. googly eyes, pipe cleaner

1. Cut out dinosaur parts

Cut a paper plate and the kitchen rolls in half for the body and legs of your dinosaur, and use the other half of the paper plate for the rest. TIP: Cut a slit on each side of the kitchen roll tubes to hold the dinosaur body firmly.

2. Paint in bright colours

Let your little one use their imagination here – we’ve always thought dinosaurs should be purple with orange spots….

3. Once dried, glue everything together and marvel at your amazing creation

Add some LEGO DUPLO trees, a cave or even a big blue watering hole to bring your prehistoric scene to life. But watch out – those dinosaurs are hungry!

Careful: Sharp scissors!

Scissors can be dangerous for small children, so please make sure you supervise them closely during use.