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The best tips in the galaxy to customize your LEGO® <i>Star Wars</i>™ helmet

The best tips in the galaxy to customize your LEGO® Star Wars™ helmet

From Darth Vader to the The Mandalorian, the helmets of Star Wars™ are iconic. And over the years, we’ve been proud to turn some of them into LEGO® sets that have brought joy to Star Wars fans around the world.

Most of our sets feature helmets from the original Star Wars trilogy, including Luke Skywalker and of course, Boba Fett.

However, Star Wars is always introducing new characters, new worlds and new stories. Therefore, we’re proud to add more helmets to the LEGO Star Wars collection each year for fans to enjoy, like the Dark Trooper™ Helmet, Captain Rex™ Helmet and our loyal Clone Commander Cody™ Helmet.

Once built, you can display them as they are, or you can customize them into...well...anything you want them to be.

Take some inspiration from creative LEGO Star Wars fans around the world. Instead of following the instructions, we asked them to personalize the helmets.

When you see the results, we think you’ll agree, the Force is strong with them.

The endless appeal of the galaxy far, far away

What is it about the Star Wars universe that is just so universally popular? For almost fifty years, it has pulled in new generations of fans from around the world.

“For many years, Star Wars has been one of my main sources of inspiration. In fact, it might have gone as far as to influence my professional career choice of Aerospace Engineering. Star Wars to me is more than just a movie franchise, it is an entire fictional world with a lot of varied complex stories that make up thousands of years of lore,” says Andres Cazenave-Tapie from Canada.

He started out customizing LEGO Star Wars sets which led to making his own builds from scratch.

“Initially, I would get a Star Wars set and try to improve it under certain parameters, whether it was by increasing the accuracy to the source material, increasing the scale, changing the color scheme or simply optimizing the inner space usage to fit more figures inside,” he continues.

A fictional world inspiring others to be creative

For Jiwoo Seon, a Star Wars fan from South Korea, customizing sets is a way to experiment with creativity.

“I really love that I could make something which has my own story and is so unique in the world.”

“I really like the unique dark atmosphere of Star Wars and the interwoven structure of each story for so many different characters. I wanted to customize the Star Wars helmets, which I had never collected or assembled, and make it in my own style”, Jiwoo Seon adds.

My-an Gotidoc from the Philippines also enjoys using LEGO sets as a creative outlet. She says, “It’s easy to find somebody to relate to [in Star Wars] whether human, alien or droid.”

“Creativity is forming something using your imagination and being able to think of new ideas. LEGO [building] is a great tool to exercise one’s creativeness as there are endless possibilities.”

”Most of the time, I try forming my design in my head then start translating it to the actual build. There is a lot of trial and error at this stage until you get to your final design,” she finishes.

But endless possibilities can be daunting, so how do you go about personalizing your LEGO sets?

Rokan Cheung in Australia tries to start with a big idea and develops it from there.

“It’s always inspiration first,” says Rokan. “Then research is the key to success. It helps me decide in what form or how the customized sets should be presented.”

Now, that’s all well and good. But what is inspiration and where does it come from? Well, sometimes you can find it in unlikely places or people.

“I take inspiration from a particular detail of the set,” says Italian-native Simone Frigé. “And after that, my children help me with their original ideas.”

Which side of the Force will you join?

We couldn’t resist asking our AFOLs which side they’re drawn to.

Ryan McBryde from the United States explains, “When I first started [LEGO] building again, I preferred the dark side because it was fun to be crass and edgy with the Empire, but I’ve definitely shifted to the light side because the aesthetic is so much more interesting and vibrant.”

We’re pleased to say that most of them consider themselves on the light side, but we particularly liked an answer that came from André Pinto in Portugal.

He said, “We all have a dark side, but my light side is much stronger.” And then signed off with the ultimate Star Wars mantra, “May the Force be with us”.

And when you’re personalizing your new Star Wars helmet set, may the Force be with you too.

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