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LEGO® Super Mario™: Expand, rebuild and customize your levels!

Build big enemies or detailed levels that’ll have you breaking through ice and riding lava waves. Get ready for endless adventures!

Welcome to LEGO® Super Mario™

With popular characters, creative builds and new ways to play, these inventive sets are perfect for kids aged 6+ looking to recreate their favorite scenes from the games, or create new adventures!

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It’s a big universe out there

Kids can always add to their levels with exciting new sets, accessories and characters... meaning there really is no end to the LEGO® Super Mario™ adventures they can have!

Meet the designers

Fruit hide-and-seek!

Designers Amy and Matt show you how to bring some fruity goodness into your LEGO® Super Mario™ universe…

Wintertime Trouble

Can LEGO® Mario™ and LEGO® Peach™ team up to save the day?

  • Motion Sensor

    LEGO® Mario™ has a super cool built-in motion sensor that knows where he is, and what position he’s gotten himself into – whether he’s doing a low or high jump to collect extra coins, smashing down, sliding side to side, standing up, lying down or going round in circles!
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Look familiar?

With LEGO® Super Mario™, kids can team up with or battle their favorite characters from across the Super Mario™ universe!

Real-life heroes
Coding for kids
Let’s go!