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The infinitely creative, mixable, mashable, totally amazing art and design tool for kids who love to express themselves.

What is LEGO DOTS?

Calling all arts and craft lovers! Dive into a colorful world of creativity and fun with LEGO DOTS sets this 2022! What are LEGO DOTS? Well, they’re a universe of magical, colorful little tiles that let kids express themselves in infinite ways, with products they can assemble on the go, then re-design again and again (and again and again [and again])

There are no rules with these sets, just blank canvases and your child’s imagination.

Experience DOTS for yourself

Bring ideas to life with our online 3D tool!

You DOT You

Kids love expressing themselves at any opportunity. And now, you can help them wear their self-confidence, with our new stitch-on patches!

Limits are sooooooooo last year

The joy of LEGO® DOTS is getting to make whatever you want, anytime you want, however you want. What more could you… want?

This just got personal

From friendship bracelets to bag tags, every LEGO® DOTS arts and crafts set lets kids design with no rules attached. Bold colors, funky shapes, special tiles – all help kids express their mood and style!

LEGO® DOTS Inspiration

Think outside the DOTS

There’s so much you can do with a few small pieces…
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