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Building Instructions - 10715 LEGO® Bricks on a Roll

Create all kinds of vehicles, from a wheelchair to a horse and cart, with this special LEGO® Classic set, featuring a wide selection of wheels and tires in a variety of colors and sizes. This set also comes with a selection of LEGO pieces including bricks, shapes and eyes. From a skateboard or ice cream cart to a 4x4 with caravan trailer, the Bricks on a Roll set will get your wheels of creativity turning!

Horse and Carriage

Whether it’s a daring train and carriage chase in the Old West, or a romantic ride through a moonlit park, the LEGO® Classic Horse and Carriage is ready for any adventure, big or small! Ready to build? Use bricks from the 10715 LEGO Classic Bricks on a Roll set, and download these free building instructions to learn how to create the LEGO Classic Horse and Carriage. With the eye elements in the set, you can also change the horse’s expression! If a horse wasn’t pulling this carriage, what kind of animal should pull it instead? Maybe a Baby Elephant? Or what about a Snake? Build different animals to pull the carriage to see how many funny combinations you can come up with!

Vintage Car

Take a ride on the vintage side in this realistic-looking LEGO® Classic Vintage Car! When you download these free building instructions and use bricks from the 10715 LEGO Classic Bricks on a Roll set, you can build your own black and red automobile that really rolls! Who do you think drives this car? Maybe they are a detective using the car in a high-speed chase to catch some bank robbers! Use your bricks to build a car that looks like your LEGO® Classic Vintage Car, or build the same car but using different colored bricks to make a unique looking vehicle.

Skateboarding Dog

This puppy has been practicing his skateboarding tricks, like the kick-sniff and the tail pipe. He needs a practice partner though! Download these free building instructions and use bricks from the 10715 LEGO® Classic Bricks on a Roll set to build your own LEGO Classic Skateboarding Dog! Then, see how fast you can roll your skateboarding dog without him tipping over. What other animals can you imagine on a skateboard? Use your bricks to build the possibilities! What would a sheep look like on a skateboard with all that wool? Or what about a skateboarding butterfly?

Ice Cream Stand

Do you want a double scoop, triple scoop or quadruple scoop?? At the LEGO® Classic Ice Cream Stand, you can order any kind of crazy ice cream creation you can think of, as long as you can build it! Download the free building instructions and use bricks from the 10715 LEGO Classic Bricks on a Roll set to build this colorful Ice Cream Stand with wheels that really roll! What is the strangest ice cream flavor you think this Ice Cream Stand has? What color is it? Use your LEGO bricks to build the silliest ice cream you can imagine!

Racing Motorcycle

There aren’t any speed limits for this LEGO® Classic Racing Motorcycle, and there’s no limit to your imagination either! Download the free building instructions now to build your own Racing Motorcycle and then take off on an adventure! Where will your motorcycle take you? With pieces from the 10715 LEGO® Classic Bricks on a Roll set, you can rebuild this motorcycle using different colored bricks. Like using blue bricks to build an underwater racing motorcycle, or using red and tan bricks for a desert motorcycle! Wherever you go, you’ll get there fast riding this vehicle!

Gas Station

Don’t let that creativity tank go empty! Pull into the cheerful and helpful LEGO® Classic Gas Station and fuel up for the adventures ahead! You can build this nifty service station by using bricks from the 10715 LEGO Classic Bricks on a Roll set and downloading these free building instructions. After you finish building the Gas Station, you can use your bricks to build little cars that can drive through and refuel. Maybe this is a gas station on the highway and lots of big trucks need to visit. Or maybe the Gas Station is in a quiet little town and only small cars visit it. You can build as many possibilities as you can think of!

Camping Trailer

Where will your camping vacation take you? With this LEGO® Classic Camping Trailer you can feel at home wherever you go because you’re bringing Home with you! Use bricks from the 10715 LEGO Classic Bricks on a Roll set and these free-to-download building instructions to get started on this creative car and trailer. What else could you build and attach to the trailer behind the car to bring with you on vacation? Would you take a playground slide on vacation? What about a pool? Use your bricks to build the biggest, silliest item you could attach to your car trailer and take on vacation!


You’ll be on a roll when you build this creative LEGO® Classic Wheelchair! To get started building, use bricks from the 10715 LEGO Classic Bricks on a Roll set and download the easy-to-follow building instructions. Can you think of any other types of wheels you could add to this chair? What would this Wheelchair look like with monster truck wheels? Or what if they were teeny tiny little rollers beneath the seat? After building the Wheelchair using the instructions, try to customize it using your bricks and see how many different types of wheels you can add to the Wheelchair to make the ultimate slick and stylish Wheelchair!