Doctor Visit


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Meet the doctor at the health clinic

Preschoolers can role-play lots of activities that they might experience on a visit to see the doctor.

34-piece set packed with authentic details

Includes a doctor, father and child figures, teddy bear, giraffe height chart, washbasin, couch, opening suitcase and chairs.

Doctor Visit

Realistic equipment

Use the flexible stethoscope to listen to the child’s heart.

Fun features

Measure the child’s height with the giraffe wall chart.

Healthy activities

Wash hands in the sink to clean off any germs.

Build skills and healthy habits

The playset is about good health and caring behaviour, which makes it ideal for developing kids’ social and emotional skills.

Playful learning gift for preschoolers

Children aged 2+ who have been to, or are about to go to, the doctor’s will find this playset captivating and reassuring.
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