Bricks and Functions

Small parts.

LEGO® Classic toys with fun functions

Children learn as they play with this fun set, featuring 7 buildable toys with gear-driven functions – made for kids aged 5+.

500-piece playset with 7 inspiring build ideas

Kids can build a pirouetting ballerina, push-along helicopter with spinning rotors, an apple with a pop-up worm and much more!

Bricks and Functions

A rainbow of additional bricks

Includes a colourful selection of bricks for free building.

Playful learning

LEGO® play helps kids develop key life skills.

Fun functions driven by gears

Kids get to build LEGO® toys with moving parts.

Step-by-step building instructions

Each model comes with an easy-to-follow pictorial guide, so kids can experience the fun of building their own LEGO® toys.

More playsets to collect and combine

Expand children’s creative play further by combining this set with others from the LEGO® Classic range (Each sold separately).
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