Entertainment LEGO® Sets for Adults

Entertainment LEGO® Sets for Adults

From big-screen blockbusters to binge-worthy box sets – our movie and television-themed LEGO® sets put you in the director’s chair. Brick-by-brick, recreate classic scenes and iconic characters. Ready? Action!

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It’s time… for LEGO® Optimus Prime

The truck, the myth, the legend. Bring home the leader of the Autobots and – much more importantly – the inspiring hero from your childhood.

Take on the Decepticons

Roll out

.undefined.null.Bring Optimus Prime to life as never before.

More than meets the eye
.undefined.null.Bring Optimus Prime to life as never before.
  • You’ll never believe this…

    But this model actually, like, converts from a robot... to a truck... and back again? Crazy, right?!
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Let us entertain you

Lose yourself in your favorite movies and shows with these engaging LEGO® sets, designed especially for adults.

The LEGO® Art Jim Lee Batman™ Collection

Justice or chaos? The choice is yours when you build 1 of 3 exclusive portraits from comic book legend Jim Lee, with this collectible Batman™ art kit.

Go back to Back to the Future

Feed your inner movie nerd with a feast of Back to the Future Easter eggs, in this impressive, authentic set.

A very Strange residence

Build the home of Doctor Strange and see how many scenes from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness you can name…

All aboard the Hogwarts Express™

Don’t tell the Muggles… but something pretty special has rolled into our collection from Platform 9 ¾™.