The LEGO Group Teams Up With Eva Chen and Millie Mackintosh to Launch the World’s First Transatlantic Snow Throw

• The LEGO Group has started a digital snowball competition between New York and London
Eva Chen and her children Ren and Tao launched the big LEGO Snow Throw in New York, taking on Millie Mackintosh and her family in London
• Families visiting the LEGO Store 5th Avenue in New York and the LEGO store Leicester Square in London will have the opportunity to take on their counterparts across the Atlantic in the big LEGO Snow Throw which will be live throughout the holiday season

Noam Galai and her kids in front of Snow Throw

Billund, November 10 2023: The LEGO Group has launched the world’s first transatlantic Snow Throw, an interactive game which sees consumers at its New York and London stores playfully going head to head this holiday season to see which city can throw the most digitized LEGO® snowballs via the stores windows. Eva Chen and her family officially kicked off the contest in New York today at the LEGO® 5th Avenue store by throwing the first snowballs for New York against Millie Mackintosh and her family who were playing in at the LEGO® Leicester Square store in London.

The LEGO® Snow Throw is an new interactive experience in the store windows that gives consumers visiting the LEGO® New York 5th Avenue store and the LEGO® London Leicester Square store the opportunity to take part in a fun snowball contest against their transatlantic counterparts to see which city can throw the most digital LEGO® snowballs over the holiday period. A live leaderboard featured in the LEGO store windows will be tracking which city has managed to launch the most snowballs and rack up the most points.

New Yorker Eva Chen and her kids Ren (8), Tao (6) officially launched the LEGO® Snow Throw at the LEGO flagship store on 5th Avenue yesterday, throwing the first snowballs against Millie’s family who were playing at the LEGO Group’s London store in Leicester Square.

Millie Mackintosh infront of Snow Throw via LEGO store window

Eva said: "Who doesn’t love a snowball contest, especially one playing against the other side of the world! My kids and I had so much fun taking part in the LEGO Snow Throw and throwing the first snowballs for New York. New Yorkers are nothing if not competitive and I hope our London friends across the pond are ready for us to go all out! What a fun addition to a shopping trip this holiday season. My family and I will definitely be coming back to the LEGO Store, 5th Avenue to help add some more points to the scoreboard—we're in it to win it!”

Millie Mackintosh said, “Even if snow doesn’t fall in London this year, then the LEGO Snow Throw is an amazing way for families to experience that magical sense of fun, with your snowballs racking up points in our competition with New York.”

The LEGO Snow Throw is part of the LEGO Group’s wider Play is Your Superpower campaign which has been created to encourage adults to prioritise play for the children in their lives and this holiday season is encouraging adults to gift the superpower of play.
Visitors to the store can also take part in the LEGO Group’s annual Build to Give initiative - where LEGO fans can build a heart from LEGO bricks and upload it to social media with the hashtag #BuildtoGive. For each creation shared, the LEGO Group will donate a set to a child in need through charity partners including Save the Children. This year’s ambition is to donate over two million sets worldwide.
The LEGO® Snow Throw will be live in the LEGO 5th Avenue store window throughout the holiday season.

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