Black Friday weekend is coming on 27/11-30/11Learn more

Black Friday weekend is coming on 27/11-30/11Learn more

LEGO® Harry Potter™ playsets & minifigures

LEGO® Harry Potter™: Discover never-ending magic

From Diagon Alley™ to Hogwarts™ castle, from a magical school toy train set to the most awesome purple Knight Bus™ ever. Dragons, owls, a Quidditch™ field with players – everything for kids and grownups to build, unbuild, rebuild and rediscover this holiday season. Accio fun!
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It’s the season of traditions. But not rules.

Harry Potter sets rebuilt by witches, wizards and Muggles™

Harry Potter™ magic in every box


What makes LEGO® Harry Potter™ toys special?

One of the most unique features of LEGO® Harry Potter™ playsets is that they can be built, unbuilt and rebuilt over and over again, in completely different and wildly creative ways. And because they click seamlessly with all other LEGO elements, kids and grownups alike can keep combining and expanding their play for a long, long time – and since LEGO bricks don’t break or get old, the fun can go on and on and on!

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Try the LEGO® Gift Finder: it’s like magic

Finding the perfect holiday or birthday gift from the wizarding world of Harry Potter™ is easy with the LEGO® Gift Finder. Works like a charm, in a couple of clicks.
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