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The Digitally Smart Explorer Expert

Who’s digitally smarter? Grown-ups or kids? Play together and let’s find out.
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This game level is Expert. The questions may get tricky.

Step 1: Scroll to the first question
Step 2: State your answers to each other. Done?
Step 3: Next. Tap on “True or False” to reveal the answer
Step 4: Keep going until you reach the end.
Screen time in general is probably bad.

False Some screen time can actually be quality family time, some could even teach you cool dance moves.

Creating positive digital footprints means thinking before sharing, posting or forwarding anything online.

True Stop to think: Will what I do hurt me or others? How can I kindly connect with others?

Before posting photos of friends online, I should ask for my friends’ permission.

True In fact, we should fix our privacy settings to control who can see a post or photo, too!

Checking what I read online against at least two other reliable sources is smart.

True Checking multiple sources and cross referencing them can help you determine how believable something is.

Strong passwords are made of at least 15 character “pass-phrases” that are a mixture of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers.

True They are extra tough to crack!

Posting online who from school is cool and who’s not is perfectly acceptable.

False Behaviour like this can hurt people.

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